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How Long Will Treatment Take?

woman in dentists chairThis is probably the most common question we get. Treatment length is different for every patient, and it depends on many variables including case complexity, the patient’s age, the bite, chosen treatment modality, etc. It also depends on whether we are doing early treatment, comprehensive treatment, limited treatment, etc.

To give an accurate prediction of how long treatment will take, we need to do an exam, which we always offer at no charge to the patient. The exam is part of a consultation appointment, we will perform an orthodontic exam and give an estimation of treatment length. However, patient compliance is very important and can affect the treatment length. If the patient breaks brackets repeatedly, misses appointments, or fails to wear elastics, treatment will very likely take longer than the original estimation. About half way through the estimated treatment length, we will do a progress evaluation and let you know if you are still on track to finish treatment when we predicted, or if we anticipate it taking longer.

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