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Is an Electric Toothbrush Better Than a Manual for Braces?

two toothbrushes in a glass jarAccording to the American Dental Association, both manual and electric toothbrushes are effective at removing oral plaque that causes decay and disease. Studies have shown that patients who already have good oral hygiene will not see better results with an electric toothbrush compared to a manual. However, patients with poor oral hygiene may see benefits because plaque removal is generally easier and faster with an electric toothbrush.

Our motto at Seim Orthodontics is ‘the best toothbrush is the one that is used.’ More important than the type of toothbrush is, that the teeth and gums are brushed at least twice a day, preferably after every meal. A manual toothbrush can be just as effective as an electric toothbrush if used properly, but for those who are motivated to brush by the high-tech features of electric toothbrushes, we absolutely recommend an electric toothbrush. Whichever type of toothbrush gets you excited about brushing is probably the right toothbrush for you.

Crest Oral-B Genius electric toothbrushes are available for purchase at our office. We sell these at our cost, meaning we pass along all of our savings to our patients. Crest Oral-B also makes an “ortho care” toothbrush head, which is designed for patients in braces. This can be a great tool! Feel free to ask us about the Genius brush at your next visit.

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