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Is Invisalign An Option For Me?

woman inserting clear alignerWe do offer clear aligners at Seim Orthodontics. Just like Kleenex is the most popular brand name of facial tissues, Invisalign is the most popular brand name of clear aligners, but it is not the only brand. There are dozens of other brands on the market. We proudly offer 3M Clarity aligners to our patients because in our experience, they are the best.

More About Clarity Aligners

Clarity aligners are a series of clear aligners you wear over time, and each aligner has a small amount of movement programmed into it. Each aligner is worn for 1 week. Aligners must be worn 22 hours per day in order to work. They are only removed to eat and to brush your teeth. Patients love them because they are less noticeable than braces, and they make oral hygiene easier.

Offering What’s Best For You

Clear aligners can be a great option, and are even more effective than braces in some cases. However, not every patient is an ideal candidate. We will perform a free consultation to determine the best treatment option for you. Even in situations where aligners are not ideal, we are sometimes able to do aligners on the top teeth and braces on the bottom. We do our best to find a treatment option that you are comfortable with.

Contact us with any questions you might have about clear aligners. Interested in having a straighter smile? Ask us today about scheduling a free consultation.

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